The vision of Sunexpress  is to

  • Provide a stable and comfortable workplace for our staff to enjoy
  • Provide a secure and growing income source for the owners, staff, drivers and their families
  • Develop the company in the direction where the needs of our customers is taking us
  • Excel where others fail
  • Profit is necessary but not our prime objective


  • Mr. Gerhard Limnios – C.E.O. and founder – Degree in Electrical Engineering and IT from University of Vienna
  • Mrs. Tanja Limnios – C.F.O. – MBA in Psychology of University of Newcastle NSW
  • Mr. Paul Hoskins   – National Sales Manager  –  APICS  Certified in Logistics,Transport & Distribution (CLTD), APICS Certified in Supply Chain Professional (CSCD) -9 years with Sunexpress
  • Mrs. Michele Crowe – Operations Manager  –  21 years with Sunexpress
  • Mr.Joe Mamo   – Assistant Operations Manager
  • Mrs. Sue Smith    – Customer Service Manager  –  7 years with Sunexpress

Our Strategic Partners

  • Strategic partner ships with our key customers have allowed us to grow with them over the years
  • Strategic partner ships with our major freight forwarding suppliers have secured us direct communication channels to key personnel, generous volume discounts and efficient supply lines to the far corners of our country, for the benefit of our customers
  • Strategic partner ships with all our drivers ensures that our customers goods and good will is always at the top of their priority list

Our Drivers

  • Handpicked to fit our standards and company culture
  • Trained to follow our well established and proven procedures
  • Holders of various licenses e.g. dangerous goods and/or fork lift license
  • Holders of white and blue cards
  • Remunerated by profit sharing, rather than being paid by the hour, resulting in professionalism and efficiency

Our Fleet

  • Vehicle size, type and numbers are regularly adjusted to the varying needs of our constantly growing customer base
  • 1 and 2 tonne Van’s and Ute’s
  • 8, 10, 12, 14 pallet Flat Top’s, Pan Tech’s, Taught liners,
  • 22 and 44 pallet Semi Trailers, B-doubles and prime movers
  • Trucks with Tail lifts and Hiab’s
  • Direct Rail line into our suppliers depot
  • Ferry access to and from Tasmania
  • Plane access for super urgent freight movements.